Photo sessions


Photo session in the studio in Florence for the designer Lucia Ferdinandi

The florence designer Lucia Ferdinandi contacted me to take some pictures for her brand new collection.
Lucia, with her business called “Boudoir d’Autore” propose some interesting collection mixing new styles with elements of mixed culture. I love the jacket called “Bronzino” named after the famous renaissance painter in Florence. For her fashion collections she has some strong connection with the art and painters so for this reason I got inspired to use one light to give a pictorial result.

Dress and style: Lucia Ferdinandi
Model: Victoriia

croatia portrait photography alessandro michelazzi

A portrait photo session taken with the models Petra and Petra in Rovinj, Croatia. This photos I’ve taken just before the summer in Rovinj when the colors was still strong and bright and especially, there…

Red and Green, portrait photo session in the studio in Florence

A portrait photo session in the studio in Florence with Lara, working with different color backgrounds: I’ve started with the classical white one that gives a nice diffuse light. Then I want to play with colors so I’ve shoot with the green screen that usually we use for some video cutout. Well, I asked Lara to wear a red t-shirt to get a strong color contrast between the foreground and the backgroud. For this portrait session in the studio I let Lara to pose and turning around the light. I’ve used one continuous Led Light to lit the set.

Barberia Italiana, Italian Barbeer Shop in Amsterdam

Massimiliano is a friend who was born in the same city as me, Trieste. Massimiliano has lived for eight years in Amsterdam. It’s funny ‘cause we not know each other from our own city but we’ve met during an evening organized by the group “Italians abroad” in The Netherlands. By now it was for so many years that we haven’t seen each other, and the occasion for our “reunion” was my recent trip to Holland.

Alexa, Photo in the Studio in Florence

A photo session with Alexa in the studio in Florence.
For this pictures I’ve used only natural light that was coming inside the studio through the huge window we have. It’s so nice to work in natural light and I love the shadows and contrasts I can get. It’s funny to point that, this kind of direct light entering from the window I can achieve only in the winter months since during the spring and summer the sun is rising on the horizon and the light is coming more perpendicular.