Photo sessions


Gra’it by Bonollo. Shooting day in Venice

One of the biggest highlight of this 2016 for me was the opportunity to be the photographer for the Bonollo’s brand.
Bonollo is an historical brand in Italy.  Since 1908 they are producing the best Italian Grappa; now they have a brand new product called Gra’it, a grappa that from the beginning was created aiming the blending. In this way, talented bartenders have the opportunity to create new interesting cocktails.

Petra and Petra, portrait in Croatia

A portrait photo session taken with the models Petra and Petra in Rovinj, Croatia. This photos I’ve taken just before the summer in Rovinj when the colors was still strong and bright and especially, there wasn’t tourist around the beach getting the sun! 🙂
Was one of the first time I’ve used my new Fujifilm X-Pro2 using in this session mainly the 90mm f/2: what an amazing lens for the sharpness and the colors you can get out of it! I’ve to say that

A set with Alena testing the new Fuji X70

Fujifilm continues with his magic touch which allowed to churn out beautiful and, above all, high quality cameras in recent years.
The Fuji X100 (in the original version, and the S / T variants) is now almost a legendary series: used worldwide by many professional photographers (and even some celebrities such as Annie Leibovitz and Prince Henry of Wales) is a camera system that has earned a great reputation thanks to the top quality pictures produced, the portability and the objective beauty of the machine itself.