A look at the old city of Utrecht in the Netherlands

A look at the old city of Utrecht in the Netherlands

Posted on Jun 20, 2016
Edited on Jan 25, 2018

I had the chance to go back to the Netherlands for the EUE conference, and honestly, even if I’ve lived many years in the Netherlands, was my first time in Utrecht!

I’ve been quite impressed by the city: a typical old Dutch city without the mess of the tourism you can find in Amsterdam. And this is the story I tell all the time to the people that want to go to Holland. The Netherlands is not only Amsterdam! There are so many places to visit as Rotterdam (here on this post there are some photos too), Den Haag and Scheveningen, Delft, Maastricht, and the north of the country with the city of Groningen. And then there are the parks like Keukenhof and Kinderdjik!

But let’s say that during this last trip to the Netherlands I was quite impressed by the city of Utrecht: a place where you feel the real Dutch soul!

For the photos in this trip, I’ve brought with me two cameras: the Fujifilm X100T and the X-Pro 2 with the 10-24mm. With the wide zoom, I was able to capture the most narrow street of the city and the panorama during the other part of the trip.

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  • Andrew Brady
    Posted at 14:58h, 20 June Reply

    Very nice pictures .. was a pleasure to meet you @EUE! Success and see you next year perhaps!

    • Alessandro Michelazzi
      Posted at 15:03h, 20 June Reply

      Thanks Andrew! Was nice to meet you as well! Let’s keep in touch for the next edition!

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